We build wardrobes that work.

Fashions To Fit

Do you ever wonder why certain clothes only look good on certain people; or how something can look so great on a mannequin, but when you try it on, it’s all wrong? No one is built exactly the same way - it all has to do with balance and proportion. When you balance your clothing to suit your figure, you’ll notice a big difference in your overall appearance. Of course, different figures call for different formulas that will work for your shape. Here at StyleWise, our job is to help you understand and formulate a wardrobe that best flatters and balances your figure.

At StyleWiseImage we are trained to see what colors accentuate your natural eye, skin, and hair colors.  Using the Stolz Image 1000 color system, we create a custom pallet of colors for each clients. Since no two color fans are the same, each one represents the best shades, tints, tones and saturation of color that beautifully fits that client.

Custom Color Analysis

Shopping Adventures

 Does the thought of department stores and crowded malls exhaust you? StyleWise Image will teach you the tools to successfully and quickly find exactly what you need in your closet, just one day of coaching can get you on track to more rewarding clothing excursions.  On-line shopping can also be incorporated into your shopping adventure experience.

"I had a great time shopping with you and really appreciate you helping me out at the very last minute! The clothes worked great.  It was a very productive time and you helped me so much. Thank you, thank you.  Dr. Jennifer Leheska, StyleWise Client 

Accessorizing With Flair

Accessories make a huge difference in an outfit - they can make or break your look. The best thing about accessories is their ability to expand your wardrobe, taking your outfit from basic to stylish.

Professional Dress

Do you have a job interview coming up?
 Do you want to look more professional for your everyday career?
Wanting more respect in the workplace and maybe even a promotion?
StyleWise Image can help!
A professional attire that says, “I am capable and deserve your respect!”
If you are confused on the difference between business appropriate, business casual, and corporate attire, give us a call and set up an appointment. StyleWise Image can help you on your road to success!

Today's workplace landscape is littered with dress code land mines, one doesn't know where to step and can easily fall into the business protocol quicksand.

"Already, your services have been helping me... I look like a top exec!  Thank you so much for your direction!"- Lyndy Forrester, Amarillo Education Development Corporation, StyleWise Client

Hair, Makeup, and Skin Care

 Your hair, skin care, and makeup are major components of a great look.
Schedule a private make-up consultation with make-up artist Kim Woods, professionally trained and skilled at coaching individuals on makeup application. 

Fitness and Nutritional Advice

Being fit and healthy is not about having a supermodel figure but maintaining a weight that is right for your body. Healthy and active habits lead to happier, more livable lives! Knowing how to exercise and what to eat is priceless advice that changes every area of your life.  Promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness will immediately enhance your day-to-day mood. You owe it to yourself to be healthy and fit! Don’t wait one more day, give us a call and let StyleWise Image get you started!

When people start feeling better about themselves, they get motivated to change their lifestyle by paying attention to the little habits they may have throughout the day, and thus, learning the importance of taking better care of themselves.

 Working on my closet had a side effect...I lost weight!  It started me wanting to look and feel better.  Pam Ellis, 
StyleWise Client 

A thought on jewelry..."Collect pieces that excite you, even if it's just because of the dreamy way they make you fell at the moment when you slip them on.  It's good to have a few things in our lives that are slightly lavish, even decadent.  An excessorized life is a glamorous one.

---Rachael Zoe, Style A to Zoe, The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour