We build wardrobes that work.

Most people would feel intimidated to hire an image consultant, not knowing how enjoyable and rewarding the experience of working with one can be. We tell our clients "this is not about being perfect its' about being appropriate".  Dressing correctly for whatever situation you find yourself in, so you can focus on the people or task at hand without letting your personal appearance distract or hold you back.

This is a process, is a time to look at the science behind why certain shades of colors look more attractive on you than others, its someone other than your mother or girlfriend who understands the geometry of style and how it works with different body types to compliment what your eye is seeing.  Our eyes are amazingly accurate, we know within seconds if we love, like or dislike what we try on in the dressing room. At StyleWise Image our job is to train your eyes to see what our eyes and mind know about color, style and fit.  We incorporate elements of hereditary traits, what's in nature and science to educate our clients so they have the ability to easily spot what is going to look attractive on them, as well as avoid the many pitfalls of bad shopping experiences. Our goal is teach our clients to successfully shop for themselves with confidence and ease.  We build wardrobes that work whether it's for work or play.

So whether you are in a new stage of life or trying to upgrade to a better job, or just feel in a rut, StyleWise Image can help, so give us a call and set up an appointment today!  We cannot wait to meet you and help you reach your full potential!

The average person wears 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time, this means hours of time and hundreds of dollars are wasted on clothes that never leave the hanger.

If you are having any difficulties viewing our website, please feel free to send us an email at julie@stylewiseimage.com

Thank you, we appreciate it!