We build wardrobes that work.

Not loving what you see in the mirror?

We all get to the point where a fresh start would be nice, maybe even essential.  If it's time to change what you see in yourself and need a fresh pair of eyes helping you with this process StyleWiseImage is the place to start!

We look at the science behind color selections, styles, personal coloring and subconscious decisions on how we see ourselves and how others are perceiving us.  We understand style issues your mother or girlfriend never could fully explain and we teach you the ends and outs of what is going to look good, great or awesome on you!   We believe you should love what you wear and feel good wearing it.  Let us help you with a fresh start today!  

"Our eyes are amazingly accurate, we know instantly if we love, like or dislike a piece of clothing when in the dressing room, but all to often we rationalize what we see usually by a price tag!"--Julie Sims

The only body that you can dress today is the body you have...waiting to lose those extra pounds will only delay the reality of a new you.  

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Julie Sims, Founder StyleWise Image